Animal Care

Chicken Farmers of Canada - Animal Care Program

Chicken farmers in Canada follow a national Animal Care Program that enforces standards for the care and handling of chickens. Learn more about the Animal Care Program:

Animal Care Program

All Canadian chicken farmers follow a national Animal Care Program. It is a concrete, accountable means of demonstrating the pride and commitment of farmers in raising the quality chicken Canadians can trust.
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Animal Care Program Requirements

The program includes 42 mandatory requirements and 15 highly recommended ones. 100% of chicken farmers are now certified on this program.
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The national set of standards is informed by scientific research and practical experience from the farm.
The standards were developed from the requirements and recommendations found in the Code of Practice produced by the National Farm Animal Care Council, a body of diverse stakeholders representing government, farmers, animal welfare advocates, food processors, transporters, veterinarians, researchers and restaurants and retailers.