Antibiotic use in chicken farming

Antibiotics and Canadian chicken

Concerned about antibiotic resistance and use? We are too. Check out this short video we’ve put together to talk about the issue and what chicken farmers are doing about it. And what you can do as well!

What is antibiotic resistance?

Resistance is when bacteria stop responding, or don’t respond as well, to antibiotics. It’s a phenomenon that pre-dates man made antibiotics, however, any antibiotic use, in humans OR animals, can lead to resistance.

Are we actually eating antibiotics in chicken?

No matter what you hear, remember: when you eat chicken, you’re not eating the antibiotics that it may have been fed.

Can farmers use antibiotics?

Farmers can use antibiotics in chicken farming to protect the health and welfare of the birds. Antibiotics are given to treat the birds when they are sick, and to prevent them from getting sick in the first place.

What can consumers do to keep bacteria at bay?

Good practices in your kitchen can reduce your risk of contamination by any bacteria – resistant or not.

Antibiotic Resistance and Use in Chicken

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